We provide basic home-based care to our clients in the Mitchell’s Plain and Delft areas on a daily basis.

In 1986, Mustadafin Foundation was established to assist women and children with counselling affected by violence in the areas. This was headed by Dr Narsa and trained health care workers in conjunction with SACLA. 

Health has a serious impact on the quality of a person’s life. Many people in underprivileged areas have health problems due to poverty and the manner in which it leads to lack of nutrition and limited access to medical care. It is for this reason that we strive to assist people in underprivileged communities through our Home Based Care. Violence in the areas can lead to trauma and impacts on health in a variety of ways. The health issues then drain people financially and emotionally. 

Mustadafin Foundation started with awareness campaigns and support for those affected and infected by trauma and sicknesses like HIV/AIDS. The support came in the form of psychological counselling and food distribution. Over time, Home Based Care was established to deal with these issues and to extend assistance to people in the community. 

Our Home Based Care staff consists of 14 dedicated women who work in the communities that they’re from. These areas are Tafelsig and Delft; they visit a variety of ‘clients’ with problems such as severe symptoms of previous stroke, arthritis and senility from old age. Most of the people are bed ridden and need assistance with bathing or massage treatment. They conduct home visits to terminally ill people to maintain their dignity. They work with disabled, mentally ill and affected orphans. 

Consultation services are provided for those affected with HIV/AIDS and those who recently discovered their status. Awareness campaigns through interactive workshops, information sessions and pamphleteering are run to provide current information on various risks and preventative measures. Information and dates regarding TB day, epilepsy and HIV awareness are usually spread. 

Consultation and referrals are provided for trauma debriefing in the event of child abuse, rape or death. This is done in conjunction with SAPS. Cases like rape, abuse, addictions and youth dropping out of school are dealt with through these health programmes in Deflt, Tafelsig and Montrose Park. Through these programmes 600 people in total are reached. 

Our Care-Givers are taxed in unseen ways. The work has a strong impact on them psychologically and physically. They face struggles of other people and burdens of the community so they to require debriefing and counselling. 

We’re in partnership with the Ibn Sina Institute of Tibb. With their support we upgraded our programmes to include a holistic approach to health and living. We renovated and equipped the Lifestyle Advisors office in the community to raise awareness and health education. Through this office we sponsor food hampers, toiletries and linen for certain households. 

June 16th is used to promote social change through the youth. On that day they visit the elderly and assist with frail care in the various areas.