Mustadafin Foundation in partnership with NACCW introduced the Isibindi project assisting vulnerable children and youth in households on the Cape Flats. 25 community members were employed and trained as child and youth care workers, working 365 days a year. This group found over 1000 children out of school from the age of 6 to 18. Mustadafin Foundation introduced, ECD programs, and intervention programs to get them school ready and alleviate the social issues and challenges facing the community of Tafelsig.

We Work With The Vulnerable By Providing:

Sport, Awareness session, Drama, Leaderships Camps, Hikes, Psychology sessions, Safe parks, Holiday programs, Boy2man/Girl2Woman workshops

Literacy Program:

Workshops, Arts and crafts, ECD centres, Pre-abet school, Aftercare, Tutoring, Reading & writing

Did You Know:

Our children not in school are dragged into gangs, 1000 children found not to be in school in Tafelsig, 16 children sent to college, 136 children placed in primary school)

 Family Building:

Parenting workshops, Skills development, financial management, Home visits

    Way Forward:

    Administering school ready programs, require support towards building an educational centre within Tafelsig


    Did you know through the program Mustadafin was able to:

    • Place 16 learners into college
    • 60 learners into mainstream school after they have never been to schools before
    • Had over 400 children registered with birth certificates
      Where we need you:

      • Sponsor a hygiene pack @ R150
      • Send a learner into college @ 3600 p/a
      • Feed a belly @ R25 per day OR
      • Family for a month with a food parcel @ R700