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Bikers for Change will be travelling 92,200 km over 39 day visiting 28 sites to fundraise for our organisation’s projects.

Sponsor each km the Bikers travel at R12

( The R12 is towards a poor child’s meal)

About the Campaign

Bikers For Change are a group of biker friends who have decided to travel 92, 200km on motorcycles from Cape Town, South Africa to Zanzibar, Victoria Falls and Tanzania on behalf of Mustadafin Foundation.

The objective to raise funds towards Mustadafin’s poverty alleviation project, Feed a Belly, Feed a Mind. Mustadafin’s Feed a Belly, Feed a Mind project provides 27 910 nutritional meals daily to learners in early childhood development (ECD) centres and pre-schools within the Western Cape and Eastern Cape and in Zimbabwe.

Their goal is to embark on an adventure across Africa, having each kilometre they travel sponsored at R12 to raise crucial funds for the Foundation.

“Some of us had the opportunity to volunteer with Mustadafin and saw the work that they do on a daily basis. We have seen and witnessed their hard work and dedication in trying to keep their projects running especially the feeding schemes. Imagine driving 40 minutes to a place just to collect 10 loaves of bread so that a child can have a meal for the day. So, this isn’t just a trip, it is a greater purpose to help those who need it most,” says Abduragman Edwards from the Bikers For Change crew.


The team will departure on Friday, 13 May 2022 and return on the  26th of June 2022
The crew consist of ten motorcyclists completing the journey. There will be an update board every time a 500km has been completed.

How to Get Involved

Donate R12 towards each kilometre and provide a meal for a needy child today.

We would like to encourage you to follow the journey and share the campaign story with others. This will also help us draw more attention to our projects and to raise more funds to assist those who face poverty and hunger every single day.


How to Donate

A/C Holder: Mustadafin Foundation
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch code: 025909
Account No: 072 778 377
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