Education a term originated from a Latin word “educate” which means to bring up. Education carries people to greatness.

It is an essential in life as it empowers people with knowledge, enables them to contribute to the society, earn money and be independent. Education is one of the basics activities in every society. Education is a process that starts right at birth not a process that is limited to teaching people basic academics like mathematics or history. It can be considered as a process of discovering new things that a person was not previously aware of and increasing knowledge.

Early Childhood Development

Mustadafin started with their first ECD centre in the township of crossroad in the 90’s, today the organization supports 23 Early Childhood Development Centres (ECDs) and manage four ECD centres.

The team is employed to facilitate cognitive, creative, emotional, spiritual and physical development of the children. The organization makes certain that they provide well-equipped classrooms, sporting events and excursions. Children receive three nutritional meals per day.

Learning Centre

The Learning Centre is an educational program designed by the Mustadafin Foundation after discovering a thousand children in Tafelsig as mentioned above have never been in a school let alone classroom and drop outs who left schools due to learning disabilities and other circumstances.

Currently, the centre hosts 56 undernourished and malnourished children from the age of 6 to 15 years who has not attended mainstream school due to various reasons. These learners are currently being taught from a container next to a dilapidated structure which was given to the Foundation.  The container however is not conducive and we require a much bigger space to accommodate and work in.  With limited space we have still achieved the impossible and know we can do better with your help.

Interventions and successes of the program:

  • From the thousand children, 386 have been placed into mainstream schools
  • Placed 20 into college and have matriculated over two years and currently have five learners doing their matric over the next two years.
  • We have three teachers, a psychologist and social worker who work in the lifespan of the children, daily.
  • Nutritional meals and supplements are provided to build up the children’s immune system.
  • A number of our learners have made it in the top 10 in their class after being placed in mainstream school.

The Learning Centre has a holistic approach that deals with all aspects of development in order for our children to develop in becoming the best human beings they possible can be.

Imagine what can be achieved with your help, the Learning Centre program can reach many more children.

Your monthly contribution provides:

  • Educational assistance
  • 3 Nutritional meals
  • Medical check-ups, dentist, clinic/hospital visitations
  • Youth camps
  • Health and hygiene assistance
  • Access to special services like therapy and trauma counselling sessions
  • Full holistic approach that deals with the child needs; mentally, physically, spiritually, psychologically and socially


Mustadafin has 3 madaris which operates daily in areas such as  Khayalitsha, Delft, Crossroads, Palican Park and Sherwood Park in Manenberg.  With over 250 students. Madrassa classes run from Monday to Thursdays and the ECD 5 days for young and older students.  Saturdays for adults.

Our Islamic curriculum consist of:

  1. Mustadafin Centres run Thikrs on Thursday & Sunday
  2. For years Muslim children from destitute areas have been escorted to buy clothes for Eid. Sponsored by a group in Laudium
  3. Students are taught how to perform Taraweeh Salaah
  4. Full Taraweegh program operate in all our centres during Ramadan.
  5. Iftaar dinners are run at the various centres. This is done in all areas where the poor have little or no access to meals. Mustadafin feeds through the year as well.

In conjunction to more classical training, Islamic & Leadership Based Camps for the Youth are established.

They encourage the ideals of the Holy Quran sent to Prophet Muhammad SWS and his Sunnah for the benefit of mankind.   

 Islamic training was introduced as a holistic approach to educate, introduce Tauheed so that they can appreciate nature and encourage them to perform the fard salaah five times daily.  This has been a first for many of our madrassa students because even though they are taught in madrassa, it’s not always practised at home. 

We want to build further on the syllabus of our Islamic education within our ECD and madaris so that our children, Youth and parents can be self-sufficient and self-reliant in both deen and life.


Written words comes to life for the unschooled

For the past 29 years the Foundation has been teaching illiterate adults to read and write through their adult literacy program, Pre-Abet. Most of the people are from the ages 17 to 60. The program has helped over 1000 adults. Participants attend classes twice a week, 3 hour sessions. They are taught English, Numeracy, Literacy, Afrikaans, basic Mathematics and how to write letters. Counselling is also offered when they need it because of the social problems the women face.


Every year the Foundation sees that many kids are placed in educational institutes from, ECD, Primary, high school to university. The organization makes certain learners have the necessary tools to start the school year by providing items such as uniforms, stationery and more.

In 2016, Mustadafin issued 32 tertiary bursaries, 157 stationery pack to primary and high school learners, sent 16 learners to college.

“We encourage seeking knowledge from the “cradle to the grave”.