Mustadafin Educares 1, 2 and 3 united last week as the hosts of the annual inter-preschool sports day at Khayelitsha Stadium. Eight other preschools attended, all vying for the cherished Mustadafin Sports Cup- a trophy that has not been home in years!

Children and teachers alike were excited and committed to bringing home the gold trophy this year. Practice sessions lasted longer than usual as a competitive spirit was driven into the hearts of the young runners, three-legged teams and scooter bikers. Serious training went into keeping their potato on their spoon, hopping in a sack and running at the speed of light! It was made very clear: Mustadafin would not take up last place…again.

When all nine preschools met on the field, the tone was set with the athletes  banner march. Lead by their teachers and teacher aids, the kids stomped the field in a display of prowess and unrestrained excitement, waving hands and arms in the air.

While a kitchen team prepared boerewors rolls and kept the kids well watered, the judges kept record of the results of the various track events: potato and spoon races, sack races, water-bucket races and finally the scooter races. First aiders were on standby for any scooter crashes or grazed knees. The scores were close, keeping teachers anxious to hear who would head home victorious. Who was in the lead? Ebenezer, We Care, Thanduluntu or Sphamandla? Or was it Samora Machel, Try Again, Sandanezwe or Mzamomhle? Where was Mustadafin?!?

Of course, the ultimate race was between the educare staff. Playful threats and bets had been made on this race throughout the day. In their passion to win it for the kids, teachers of all shapes and sizes charged breathless down the track toward the finish line.

The final tally was announced to bated breath. Did Mustadafin win it? Yes!!! Really??? Well, almost…for the first time in a good few years, we brought home a cup: the Silver trophy was ours. So, come 2015…watch out!

Visit the photo gallery to view pics of the day: ECD Sports