This Ramadan, we worked with a sponsor, “Group of Helpers” from Gauteng, to clothe almost 600 needy children and orphans and supply blankets and food parcels to an additional 300 families. Along with a team of 40 volunteers, we accompanied the kids to Ackermans store in Claremont, to shop for clothing for the celebration of Eid, the day after Ramadan.

Many of these kids had never had a choice before of what they can wear,let alone having the opportunity to buy NEW clothing. For them, it was a treat like none other. Ganeefa, a 3 year old ran to her caregiver afterwards saying, “They even bought me a panty!” while Faldi, an 8 year old boy asked, “Can I have pajamas please, Aunty, I just want a pajamas.”

Most of the children we assisted come from informal settlements, families who are back yard dwellers, are orphans in the care of destitute families or are housed at care centers such as Habibia Children’s Home, Vision and Al Noor Children’s Center.

It was heartwarming for the volunteers, especially, to assist these kids in choosing clothing that was warm, pretty and new. Most shared a renewed understanding of all they have to be grateful for from this humbling opportunity. The past weekend at Mustadafin Foundation was an occasion of gratitude and service that will be long remembered. We are enormously thankful to every volunteer who joined in and ensured a smooth operation.