Tonight,21 June 2013, marks the Winter Solstice- the official start to Winter and the LONGEST night of the year. Mustadafin Foundation, in partnership with Pick n Pay, continues its annual tradition of providing a warm meal for the homeless in the city center on the Grand Parade on what promises to be a cold and blustering night.

Mustadafin staff and volunteers have spent the day cleaning vegetables and chicken and cooking up a feast for 1500 people. All ingredients for this venture were supplied by Pick n Pay. In addition, Mustadafin will be distributing Blankets and soup sponsored by Ellies Electrical. Mustadafin Foundation strengthened by a team of 80 volunteers, will oversee crowd control, dishing and distribution as well as a clean up at the end of the evening.

We expect Prime Media’s Espresso team to cover the event and have requested some of Cape Town’s musical talent to attend, warming the evening with music, song and dance. We are thankful to our sponsors, volunteers and the broader community for their generous donations and time.