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Re: Application

Allow me on behalf of my children whom im fosterng to say thank you very much for the support the Foundation is giving me to take care of them. On a daily basis they have lunch boxes be as there is alwsys bread and something to put on the bread, all that is because of your support.

Even the clothing we received they chose all that fit them and the big clothes i took to an old age  home in Gugulethu for the elders to wear.

It is realy difficut at times to show how much one appreciates the help we receive from you as i feel the word “THANKS’ is never enough.

I once again wish to say to MUSTADAFIN FOUNDATION thank you, thank you very much for your support. I no longer worry about my 20 children for what they will eat when they return to school as you made it easy for me.

Thank You once again

Mrs Manone